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Height Finder 1.5 by
REQUIRES iOS: 4.0 For iDevices: all
CATEGORY: Navigation
Price: Free INSTALL

Height Finder quickly and accurately calculates the exact altitude of your current location.


• Calculates altitude of your current location
• Uses GPS for accurate results
• Uses global databases when GPS is unavailable
• Displays altitude in feet and meters
• Shows increases and decreases in altitude
• Custom artwork and animations
• High resolution graphics for Retina Display
• Multi-tasking aware for improved battery life
• Completely ad-free


Height Finder calculates your current altitude both indoors and outdoors, and even in areas with no network coverage.

The data is updated in real time as the device moves, and an on-screen arrow indicates the increase or decrease in altitude.

Tapping the on-screen reading will toggle between feet and meter display modes.

For best results outdoors and in areas with no network coverage, launch the app and allow the device a couple of minutes to obtain a strong GPS signal.


Under normal use, Height Finder will display the altitude data for ground level at your current location. This is only as accurate as your location information and will not take buildings or other structures into account.

When outdoors and with a clear line of sight to the sky, Height Finder will use your device's GPS hardware (if available) to obtain a more accurate altitude reading based on your device's exact posit. This will also take buildings and other structures into consideration.

In areas of no network coverage, the GPS hardware is the only source of altitude data. If your device does not have GPS capabilities, or you do not have clear line of sight to the sky, Height Finder will not be able to calculate your altitude.
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